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IMN does not sell its data to commercial mailers.

Why We Don't Sell Lists
Today, IMN presents the fastest, most powerful and cost-effective method of sending commercial mail to the institutional sector. This fact is undisputed in the publication and marketing world. We're proud that we have the expertise, experience, and technology to help you harness this medium effortlessly and efficiently.

Many commercial mailers contact us wanting to know if we will supply them with ready-made lists comprised of the physical or email addresses of people who live and/or work on campuses. As we do not (and never will) trade in such lists, we feel that it is important for mailers and institutions to understand why.

Good business practices demand that the list provided by an institution to IMN only be used for cleansing and presorting commercial mailers' lists. IMN's relationship and written agreement with an institution requires that the contact information be used to cleanse and presort incoming mail or emails destined to that specific organization. Contact information that is compiled and sold by list brokers has no affiliation with IMN. More importantly, IMN has elected not to recommend list brokers as our company cannot vouch for the accuracy of their information.